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“I absolutely love working with Lisa! I went to Tucson back in Feb. as an act of desperation, I felt so lost and had no idea how to go on. Best thing happened there was I found her! I love her as a person, her guidance is invaluable, I know I always have someone to turn to whenever problems arise! You changed my mind set, so many times already and you are that person that is  actually already changing my life!”

Huan W., Parsippany, NJ

Jewelry Designer


"My time with Lisa has been incredibly transformational for me. Her help to identify my strengths and my weaknesses has dramatically improved my management and sales results. She has shared tools that I will use for the rest of my life to set huge goals personally and professionally and the processes that make the their achievement inevitable. I'm convinced that the best investment I will ever make is the investment I've made in myself and I am so grateful to have found her."

Larry F., Phoenix, AZ

Real Estate Agent

How to build a small business empire that is strong, rewarding and sustainable.

Frustrated at the many barriers to success in your business?  How would it feel to have a road map to success?  Lisa can help you understand the many pieces of your business and how they fit together. Consider investing in your success, and receive expert guidance and coaching from someone who's been there and loves to help others as well. 


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Pivot to Passion:

Beginning Lessons for

Start Up


Build the Stepping Stones to Making a Living

With Your Passion

Business is a complicated structure to navigate.  From organization and set up, to discovering how to make your customer the winner, to creating healthy reserves within your business and in your life, there are many facets to explore and set up.


Start your business and entrepreneurial life off with loaded training that will set you up to win!


Purpose and Prosperity: Coaching for Established Business Owners

Invest in Yourself and Your Business with Profitable Systems

This service is for you if you are ready to go big and do it right.  With a weekly coaching session, you'll get the support you need for your foundation and your growth.  Be prepared to soar. 

Get in-depth training on the areas that cause you the most stress, and discover systems that will create ease and abundance within your empire!


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