About Lisa Krikawa

Entrepreneur, Coach, Mother, Wife, Artist

From my first jewelry class in 1988 to the launch of my dot com in 2002, cultivating a marriage of 29 years and three thriving teenagers, I've discovered a passion for business and life success.​

Let me coach you toward your full potential so that you too can experience success with healthy growth!



Lisa Krikawa is the designer, founder, and CEO of Krikawa Jewelry Designs­­, and an independent business/life coach.  With passion and determination she built a world-class company dedicated to creating custom jewelry and is now sharing her knowledge with a select clientele.  By combining old-world craftsmanship, cutting edge technology, world-class designs, and an intrinsic knowledge of systems, Krikawa tirelessly works to improve and expand her jewelry company and bring value to other jewelers with her coaching business.


In 1998, she founded Krikawa Jewelry Designs in Tucson, Arizona, after graduating from the University of Arizona with a BFA, with emphasis in Jewelry and Metalsmithing.  The early years of the company were spent exhibiting in high end craft shows from the east to west coast.  After the launch of in 2002, the internet facet of the business took off, and Lisa’s husband, brother and sister in law joined the company.  Now with a staff of 18, Krikawa continues to grow the jewelry company, refining the process of custom design both within the company and as a primary choice for consumers.


In 2015, Lisa opened her business/life coaching business.  Helping business owners navigate the process of creating structure and systems, while simultaneously moving forward the finance, marketing, and product aspects of the business is directly in her wheelhouse. Her experience of raising an amazing family while growing a business and practicing joy and mindfulness makes her uniquely suited to helping others. As a result-oriented serial entrepreneur, coaching others to manifest abundance within their lives and business brings her great joy.  

"My time with Lisa has been incredibly transformational for me. Her help to identify my strengths and my weaknesses has dramatically improved my management and sales results. She has shared tools that I will use for the rest of my life to set huge goals personally and professionally and the processes that make the their achievement inevitable. I'm convinced that the best investment I will ever make is the investment I've made in myself and I am so grateful to have found her."


Larry F., Phoenix, AZ