New Food Plan for Insane Energy

new food plan for insane energy

So it seems that I have a predominant focus on food so far. I'm three percent into my allotted time, and this is all I've accomplished? Well, there is a method to my madness.

In order to manifest my extraordinary goals, I'm going to need energy. LOTS of energy. Like, I need to get up earlier and stay up later and run like the wind!

Fast, Faster, Fastest!

In my experience, I feel the most energized when I don't drink, don't eat sugar or wheat, don't drink coffee, and exercise regularly. So, my food plan began with a two day fast. Just freshly blended greens the first day. I used kale, celery, cucumber, lemon and avocado to make a very fresh drink, three times.

Day two was a water fast. I did have lemon water a couple of times. Boy, was I feeling woozy by the end of the day. Headachey and groggy. I've discovered, however, that fasting one day a week is an extraordinary way to loose weight. I did a 90 day goal setting workshop a couple of years ago, and wow, did I try everything to loose like 8 pounds. It finally happened when I introduced fasting. And I've read so many good things about a weekly fast! Here's a great article about how fasting improves brain function. That's going to be super helpful to me in manifesting my results!

Day three is my new standard fare. I started the day with a banana, ok well it was 4am. I woke up feeling so nauseous that I followed my daughter's advice. She told me, "you know, the day ends at midnight! So you can get up and eat if you want to!"

Oh, the feeling of that sugar hitting my blood was awesome. Anyway, when I got back up after a little toxic nap, I had a green drink for breakfast. I had quinoa for lunch, and by the way, I'm super proud of the method I devised for fixing a quick quinoa lunch! I didn't want to take 15 minutes to watch it cook on the stove, because I wanted to get to work! I thought, you know, if it has to boil for 15 minutes, perhaps sitting in hot water for 3 hours will work also. So I put a 1/2 cup of dried grain into a Thermos, then put one cup of boiling water in, added salt, and closed it up. And voila! 3 hours later it was delicious! And I was sooo happy to have some solid food in my stomach.

Make a New Plan Stan!

Basically, I'm sticking with a 50% greens and raw veggies and fruit, and 50% protein, slow low carbs, and healthy fats diet, roughly speaking. I'm not going totally vegan, because I love eggs too much, however, I will be cutting back drastically on my animal products. Have you ever seen What the Health? If you'll be pissed at me for ruining your pleasure of eating animal products, then don't watch it. Or do, I really don't care if you get pissed at me.

Take a Wrecking Ball to the Food Pyramid

The food pyramid has been replaced by the Virgin Diet Plate, designed by JJ Virgin, in my humble opinion. I love her talk she gave for Mindvalley. Listen to it here.

I ended my day with more salad, lightly steamed broccoli and cauliflower, a poached egg, and a handful of walnuts.

Did you know that walnuts contain the proper balance of omega-3's and 6's? Elaina Love of Pure Joy Planet, raw food guru, talks about her two decades of experience in her newest book, Raw and Beyond: How Omega-3 Nutrition Is Transforming the Raw Food Paradigm. The most extraordinary thing I discovered is that we need more omega-3's and yet get far more omega 6's. So, walnuts are pretty much the only nut that passes the omega test, in addition to flax, hemp and chia seed.