Today Was Rough and So So Good

today was rough

It started with a coaching call that triggered some of my old shit. Was I aware of the trigger as it was happening? Hell yeah I was. And my inner being was saying, oooh, here's the good stuff. You're gonna say the stuff you need to hear.

As a coach, it's amazing how often what I find myself saying to others is what I need to hear as well. It even happens with my staff and friends; if I find myself listening and providing wisdom, it's often meant for both of us.

No Food All Day Makes Lisa a Crank Pot

So today was a fasting day. It seems to bring out my crankiness when I don't eat all day. But really, my house was a mess and sometimes I just don't feel like I can push things forward when my sanctuary looks more like a pigsty. My sister would say that's my moon in Virgo (the need to be organized and tidy), however, I just find it hard to focus when all the little things are calling my name. "here, here, i'm over here, i'm a little sock on the floor, pick me uuuuuupppppp!"

I'm remembering a women's seminar where the speaker, Alison Armstrong, was touching on the fact that women are easily distracted by all the little things laying around. It's the gatherer biology that's embedded deep in our subconscious as women. And it's certainly true for me. Somehow, I feel like I can push things so far forward if the kitchen is clean and my bills are taken care of and my desk is clear.

Segue to Decision Fatigue?

But there is this thing called decision fatigue, and apparently, every little thing you look at and every notification adds to the decision fatigue for the day. And, your brain has only a limited capacity every day to make decisions. So it follows that, with a clean house and a clear desk, fewer decisions will have to be made resulting in more productive time.

So back to the great advice that tumbled out of my mouth for me. Essentially, that I, myself, my client, and virtually everyone I know, are living at the very top of the food chain. While we might complain about a myriad of situations, quite frankly, we're better off than 90% and possibly even 95% of the people on the planet, with regards to safety, security, health, shelter, sustenance, clean water, medical care, and freedom. It's a miniscule step, perhaps even the footstep of an ant, to take yourself to the realization that life is so so good.

And following the law of attraction, from that point of view of, ahhh, life is so fine, so sweet, all the rest of the desired outcomes will tumble into place, proving that thoughts really do create things.

The Good Things in Life

I am alive, I am healthy, I was so fortunate as to be able to go to yoga with my daughter this evening while my husband made dinner for the kids in the spanking clean kitchen. I survived a day of fasting. And in the end, I received two very unrelated and grateful texts from friends that I had helped.

Life is good.