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Whether your event is designed to inspire people to living their best life, to for business professionals looking for ways to imporve their business, Lisa is sure to excite them into the next phase of their life.

With an enrgetic stage presence, Lisa will turn stories and experience into bits of knowledge for your audience.  With love and humor she'll bring just what you are looking for.

Rave Reviews


"Honestly, I hear a lot of speakers when I am participating at different conferences and events, but when Lisa was speaking I was frantically taking notes. She is energetic, engrossing, and shares invaluable information. I learned so much from her and I have even gone back and read my notes and made changes in the way I am living my life and running my business. Lisa was an inspiration on so many levels. I can’t recommend her enough for other speaking engagements. She has a vision and obviously lives it. What a joy to really get to know her."

Marlene Richey,
Profiting by Design


“Lisa is one of the most passionate speakers I've ever seen, and her information is top-notch. At our 2016 MJSA ConFab she presented a session on how to create and stick to a vision for one's business, and she received routinely high marks in our follow-up surveys. Her energy filled the room—matched only by the furious note-taking of the attendees as they wrote down all of her ideas.”

Rich Youmans, MJSA


March 2019, MJSA EXPO; New York, NY
Panel: “Where Does Custom Go From Here?”


October 2017, Portland Jewelry Symposium; Portland, OR
“Promoting Custom Design on Social Networks”


January 2017, MJSA: At the Bench and Beyond; Tucson, AZ
“The Art of Communication 1: The Basics”
“The Art of Communication 2: Practical Sketching”


October 2016, MJSA Confab; New York, NY
“20/20 Vision: Keeping your business on track and moving forward”


April 2016, Front and Center, Las Vegas, NV
Non-jewelry speaking event, Lisa was voted into the top 14 most persuasive speakers out of hundreds of participants.


March 2014, Body and Sol Women’s Expo; Tucson, AZ
"Jewelry Box Blues? Turn Your Jewels Into Something You Can Use"


May 2013, JCK; Las Vegas, NV
Panel: "Pricing Strategies for Custom Design." 


April 2011, Smart Jewelry Show; Chicago, IL
“The Dollars and Sense of Selling Custom Design”


October 2010, Portland Jewelry Symposium; Portland, OR
“Managing the Custom Jewelry Process”


March, 2010, MJSA Expo; New York, NY
“Putting the "Custom" Back in Customer”


February 2010, AGTA GemFair; Tucson, Az
“A Top Notch Way To Micro Pave”


May 2008, JCK; Las Vegas, NV
Panel “Palladium: Working With The Newest White Metal”


April 2008, Kraftwerks; Los Angeles, CA
“Working with Palladium”


June 2007, JCK; Las Vegas, NV
Panel "Palladium Today: It's Place In The Market”


July 2006, Parks and Rec Business; Tucson, AZ
“The Art of Business: Conscious Survival”


October 2003, Parks and Rec Business; Tucson, AZ
“Running a Craft Business in the New Millenium”


"Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe."